Today Login VSI announced version 3.6 with client side performance testing with the press release listed below.

This new version brings performance and scalability testing to a new level, now the end user experience can be included in performance testing.

The impact on switching from server side to client side rendering can now be measured. The real effect of adding WAN accelerators compared to the endpoint experience can also be measured with the new client side performance testing module.

I am looking forward to new Project VRC reports that will include this new technology!



VDI benchmarking tool Login VSI enhanced with Client Side Performance Testing
New module now available in Beta.

Amsterdam, March 29, 2012 – Login Consultants today announced the new Client Side Performance Testing module for Login VSI, the industry standard benchmarking tool for SBC and VDI environments. This new module allows performance testers to objectively measure and analyze the performance of remoting protocols such as VMware PCoIP, Citrix ICA/HDX, Microsoft RDP, Quest EOP and others.

The existing test suite Login VSI 3.5 provides valuable information about the maximum number of sessions that can be handled by the servers in the datacenter. By adding performance testing on the protocol level, this new module introduces full end-to-end measurement of the user experience in desktop virtualization environments.

The new Client Side Performance Testing module will be included as an option in Login VSI Pro 3.6. The Beta version of this new module will be available without additional cost to all current Login VSI Pro customers with active support. Definitive pricing for this optional module for new and existing customers, will be announced later.

Login VSI already provided valuable information about the maximum number of sessions by simulating typical office workloads” said Mark Plettenberg, product manager of Login VSI.“The introduction of Client Side Performance Testing will further help increase the end-user performance by gaining insight into the response time, the capacity of the Wide Area Network (WAN), the effect of different remote protocols and WAN acceleration solutions”.

The Client Side Performance Testing module can now be used to perform these tests:

  • Character response – How long does it take to press a key on the keyboard and return it onscreen via protocol?
  • Large text response – How long does it take to show a large block of text onscreen via protocol?
  • Mouse click feedback – How long does it take to register and handle a mouse click within the remoting session?
  • Image quality and loading times – How long does it take to show a complex image onscreen via protocol? This image has been specifically designed to measure quality and speed of different protocols in an independent way.

This new module of Login VSI adds value in the following testing scenarios (and more)


  • What if we increase the number of users on a single server- or pool of servers? What is the impact of responsiveness of protocol on client side?
  • If we switch from Server Side to Client Side rendering, what is the impact on bandwidth consumption and therefore protocol responsiveness?
  • What is the real effect of WAN accelerators on response time at the endpoint (no caching = realistic results)?

Pictures from the new client side performance testing module:

Client side performance testing image quality:

Client side performance testing image quality degraded:

Client side performance testing large tekst response:

LoginVSI Management Console – launchers with options:

Visit for more information about Client Side Performance Testing and to download a free trail version of Login VSI.