XenDesktop 7 Beta exams and the new Certification Program

Update: The beta exam period has experied and the official exams will be available soon. The results for the beta exam takers will also be available soon.


The XenDesktop 7 beta exams will become available in Q3 this year and this will be the first exams based on the Next Generation Certifications.


Full article from Citrix Education: http://training.citrix.com/cms/education/xendesktop


I worked on the XenDesktop 7 (Excalibur) exams in April for Citrix Education with a team of SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and I am looking forward on Citrix releasing the beta exam in Q3. During the Synergy 2013 in Anaheim a preview of the exam was already available.


The new Certification program has three levels. The Certified Associate is the entry level certifications, followed by the Certified Professional and the Certified Expert.


The picture below explains the focus for each of the three new certification tracks:


new apps and desktop solutions


The new certifications are more solution oriented and not limited to product specific boundaries , this means that the new solution based courses and exams can include multiple products that are part of the same solution.


Personally I feel that this new approach will increase the value for Citrix exams where one certificate now represents a solution rather than one product (especially for the associate level, the current CCEE and CCIA exam already contained multiple products)


If you want to give the XenDesktop 7 beta exams a try watch out for the release in Q3 by following @Citrixeducation on twitter and check for new blog posts on the Citrix blogs from Citrix Education: http://blogs.citrix.com/tag/education/

I also wrote a blog about XenDesktop 7 resources that are currently already available, you can find it here


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