XenDesktop 7 Resources





Update: Since the release of this post XenDesktop 7 has been released and most information can now be found in Citrix eDocs.


Citrix XenDesktop 7 has been announced during the Citrix Synergy keynote in May.

XenDesktop 7 will be available before the end of June.

The following resources on XenDesktop 7 are currently available:



Official XenDesktop 7 announcement

XenDesktop 7 Features and Entitlements (My Citrix logon required)

Citrix Synergy 2013 – XenDesktop 7 Demo

Free online introduction training to XenDesktop 7 (CXD-102-1W)

Citrix Blogs: XenDesktop 7 brings Windows apps and desktops to a mobile world

Citrix Blogs: Excalibur is XenDesktop 7: what does this mean for XenApp and XenDesktop customers?

Citrix Blogs: XenDesktop 7: Investing big to make application delivery easier!

Citrix blogs: HDX leaps ahead in XenDesktop 7

Gartner: XenDesktop 7 is XenApp 7: The missing ingredient at Citrix Synergy

Video from Citrix Synergy Session SYN334: What’s new with XenDesktop and XenApp Platinum

Master Class XenDesktop 7 webinar (June 19)








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