Dell XPS 15 9550 and Windows 10 Insider Builds – Don’t do it.

For some time I have been trying to run Windows 10 Insider builds on my Dell XPS 15 model 9550.

Unfortunately, the fast ring builds almost always bring many green screens and weird issues with the XPS. The slow ring builds might work after reinstalling a few drivers but you can still get a green screen a few times a week.

So I am going back to 1709 (Fall Creators update) or 1703 (Creators update) as both these versions are supported by Dell with the XPS 15 9550.

The fact that Dell used a Dell 1830 wifi adapter (rebranded unknown Broadcom model) in the XPS and a non-standard version of the Intel HD Graphics 530 adapter (the original Intel driver for the 530 will not install and reports that the Dell driver version is required) is not helping when using Insider builds.

The quality of the drivers for the 1830 wifi adapter has always been a concern. I know there have also been issues with the Killer wifi cards used in other XPS models but I do not know if these work well on Insider Builds.  The XPS series is not a budget laptop series and still, Dell tries to save a few $$ by putting in cheap Broadcom rebranded hardware. The quality of the HD audio hardware and driver is also a concern, switching to the default Microsoft High Definition Audio Device Driver instead of the Realtek HD increases the audio quality. Especially when listing to headphones the improvement is large.

The green screens and memory dump analyze details point toward poor and incompatible drivers causing issues. (all kind of memory errors, IRQ less or equal errors etc.)

So if you want to experiment and try Windows Insiders builds then do yourself a favor and do not use a Dell XPS 15 9550 or similar model, you will end up with a situation that will make normal daily use impossible.

Instead, use a laptop that has as much as standard hardware as possible or a Virtual Machine. Any Microsoft Surface Pro model will most likely work well as many Microsoft employees use one of these to run the Insider Builds on so the change of all hardware being supported will be very high 🙂



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