FlexApp & Windows Virtual Desktop

In this blog I want take a closer look at Liquidware FlexApp. This is the application layering solution from Liquidware that allows you to maintain and manage your applications in layers that are not part of the base image. Application Layering is different to Application Virtualization like App-V or ThinApp. Application Layering integrates applications in the OS in such a way that you are unable to distinguish Layered applications from locally installed application.


FlexApp uses real layering and does not require a layered image to work, this allows FlexApp to work with many imaging solutions including physical machines. It can be combined with existing App layering solutions such as Citrix Applayering and VMware AppStack for additional features and functionality but also for difficult applications that will not install in a layer that is part of layered image.

FlexApp can be used with VMWare Horizon, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenApp and Desktop before the name change)

For cloud solutions the layers can be used with Microsoft Azure, AWS and the Google cloud

One of the great benefits of FlexApp is the time required to package and layer an application. This can be minutes with FlexApp for a small application compared to building a layer and creating a layered image with Citrix Applayering which requires a lot more time (30 minutes+ on fast storage).

The flexibility of FlexApp provides many use cases:

  • Extend existing Application layering solutions with additional features that FlexApp offers
  • Combine with Cloud solutions such as WVD and Amazon Workspaces and use layers in a Hybrid scenario where you can use layers on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Ease of use. Update a layer, change a layer and instantly provide a layer to your users.
  • FlexApp’s Click-to-Layer feature allows instant delivery of FlexApp layered applications on-demand upon the application open action by a user. The user simply clicks on the application’s native icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu and the application is instantly delivered via FlexApp and is ready for use.


Liquidware has been named a leading partner by Microsoft for the new Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Solution: Microsoft 365 adds modern desktop on Azure

Next to FlexApp Liquidware also offers Stratusphere UX for User Experience monitoring diagnostics solution for Physical , Virtual and cloud-hosted workspaces and ProfileUnity to Manage user Profiles across all desktop platforms – physical, virtual and cloud.

FlexApp and ProfileUnity share the same client and console so no additional installation is needed to start using these products when one of them is in use already.

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