RemoteFX vGPU Updates in Windows Server Next!

Over the past year we have been busy working on several requested features and capabilities for RemoteFX vGPU. During this time, we have been talking to several customers and partners like you to improve the features and capabilities for graphics virtualization in the next version of Windows Server. Today, I am excited to share with you key improvements to RemoteFX vGPU.

Investing in Engineering and Designer Applications


The previous RemoteFX graphics implementation was optimized for a better user experience when using Windows features (e.g. Aero) and ‘Knowledge Worker’ application workloads (Office, line of business applications, and web browsing). Delivering a rich user experience is very important for desktop virtualization deployments especially when using graphic intensive applications such as Adobe Photoshop in the video above.

Read the full article in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Blog here.

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