Citrix PTEC event

PTEC stands for “Partner Technical Expert Council”. These meetings are on invitation only and US and EMEA have their own PTEC meetings.


For EMEA the PTEC meetings are combined with the ServTech Congress, this is an internal event for Citrites. This year the ServTech Congress 2013 will be hosted in Madrid


When I was working for Citrix Consulting I have attended the ServTech Congress when it was hosted in Dublin.


Unfortunately only Citrix Solution Partners with Elite/Platinum status will receive an invitation to send one specialist to the PTEC event.


And this is the part where I disagree with the policy on the selection criteria, System Integrators will not receive an invitation and cannot join the PTEC meetings.


Why only allow Solution Partners to attend the PTEC meetings?


The PTEC concept has been created for partners to have their voice heard by Citrix Experts and Product Owners and to help influence the future direction of Citrix Solutions. I am sure that many System Integrators have sufficient experience and can bring valuable feedback to the PTEC meetings.


My two cents on the EMEA PTEC selection criteria.


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