Citrix Summit and Synergy recorded in video

Note: this post was created by Anton van Pelt. Anton was a guest blogger on

Lets start with a collection of the video’s we’ve shoot at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco. We shoot them for the Dutch community and they are hosted at Thanks to Ed Wens for editing and making them available online.

Our mission was to record a daily wrap-up and try to make some individual video’s as well. Note that the daily wrap-up video’s are recorded in Dutch!


Daily Wrap-up day 1:


Daily Wrap-up day 2&3:


Daily Wrap-up day 4:


Interview with Ryan Nichols (former Podio employee):


Interview with Mike Stringer (Citrix) about TaaS 2.0:


Interview with Bob de Kousemaeker (RES Software) about RES Workspace Manager 2012 and RES Hyperdrive!


Interview with David Hald (SMS Passcode) about there product:


Interview with Daniel Feller (Citrix) about Citrix whitepapers / best practice:

Thanks to my buddies Danny van Dam, Roy Ramlagan and Wilco van Bragt for joining me in this videoproject 🙂

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