Provisioning Server client error: unable to initialize the network stack socket information

When using the Provisioning Server Imaging wizard (PVS 7.1) to create the vDisk you can receive this error after the required reboot. The wizard should continue after the reboot when you login but instead of that you receive an error that the vDisk was not available.

In the event viewer you will find ID 3 or 7062 (BNIStack) with the error “unable to initialize the network stack socket information”

There are solutions for this issue but none  of these seemed to work in my case: (my environment is based on VMWare vSphere 5.1 and Antivirus software was already removed):

– XenServer solution:

– CTX134231 where Symantec Endpoint Analysis 12.1 or higher was the cause of the issue:



The default server build that I received from the server management department included the “Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4” After this tool was removed the imaging wizard continued without errors.





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