Setup all Citrix AppDNA components on one PC/Laptop

Last week I used Citrix AppDNA for a customer to validate 50 applications for compatibility with x64, MS Windows 7 SP1, XenApp/RDS, MS Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and App-V


To speed up the assessment I have installed all the software on a single laptop as the formal change process to add these components to the customers production environment would take to long to get quick results. (It will be added to the production environment afterwards to integrate Citrix AppDNA with the change process)


I used a Windows 7 x64 SP1 HP Laptop (Core i5/8GB) to run all the components:

– MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard

– Citrix AppDNA 6.1 server software

-Citrix AppDNA 6.1 client software

– VMware Workstation 8

– MS Windows XP SP3 x86 VM


This setup worked well and I was able to import the .MSI files and snapshot a few applications in the Windows XP VM that was running on VMware workstation.


The online Citrix AppDNA documentation that is available contains all the necessary information to install the components.


Note: The documentation has VMware Workstation 7 listed as supported version but version 8 is also supported and will work. If you need process a large amount of applications then check the documentation for the requirements with a large amount of applications.


Documentation used:


Citrix AppDNA 6.1 installation guide


Citrix AppDNA 6.1 Advanced feature guide


Citrix AppDNA 6.1 Install Capture configuration guide


As expected a number of application where not compatible with MS Windows 7 x64 or MS Windows 2008 R2. Many application required additional work before they would run without issues. MS Windows 7 x86 was the most compatible platform for most applications. Two applications where not suitable for XenApp/RDS. All applications could be virtualized with App-V after fixing some issues.

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