The Hitchhikers guide to Citrix CCEE and CCIA certfication – Part 5


Get CCEE certified in 4-5 months and CCIA certified in 6 months



Month 5/next three weeks: CCEE for Virtualization

Apply study rule #1 and #2 from Part1:


Study rule 1#: Book the exam before you start studying, this will make sure that you have a deadline to work to. Do not reschedule the exam unless absolutely necessary, use the time pressure that you might experience to put more effort into studying.


Study rule 2#: Once you get studying and you pass the 1st exam/module then continue with studying for the other required exams/models right away. If you take a break between the exams that is longer than 1-2 two weeks it will take you more effort to get used to studying and you will forget what you learned from the previous exams.


The CCEE exam will be more difficult than the CCA level exams and will require more real life experience on combining multiple Citrix products in one environment to pass this exam.


This exam will also contain some live simulations that you need to pass. Make sure you have passed all the CCA level exams that are required for the CCEE certification. If you have not been able to integrate and use all the product that have been included in the CCEE requirements track (XenApp, XenServer, XenDeskop, Provisioning server) then you will need to find a way to get the required experience.


Building a virtual lab might help. In your lab you will need to integrate all the products and evaluate the Citrix best practices for each product separately and on how to combine them.


Following the online training for CCEE that Citrix Education provides can also be a good way to get the required knowledge. The estimated time required to follow the online training is 30 hours so reserve sufficient time to follow this training if you need it. The training includes an online lab environment and
hands-on learning.


The version of the Citrix products used in the exam will be older then the latest releases on these products. The actual versions used during the exam development have been listed in the enablement guide.


  • Book exam 1Y0-A15 (CCEE for virtualization). If you plan on taking the online training then make sure you have enough time to go through the online training before you have the exam. You can always change the exam schedule at to take the exam on an earlier date if you have too much time between the training and the exam date after you finished the online training.
  • Read the enablement guide carefully and make sure you have sufficient knowledge about all the topics listed in the guide. Also read all the documents and articles that have been listed in the guide, these items have been used during the exam development.
  • Also study the objectives listed in the enablement guide per section, you will get questions about all objectives listed.
  • 1Y0-A15 Enablement guide
  • Use Citrix eDocs and Citrix white papers for more in-depth information.
  • Follow the Citrix online e-learning training for CCEE (CVE-400) if you need more training.
  • Optionally you can build a test lab with all the components that the CCEE exam will cover
    • Citrix XenServer
      (XenServer requires Intel-VT or AMD-V support from the hardware and CPU. It will work with most onboard SATA controllers and onboard Network cards used in common laptops and PC’s). Although XenServer 6.0 can be downloaded it is recommended to install XenServer 5.5 or 5.6 as this version will match better with the exam. See the Citrix XenServer 5.6 installation guide for more info on requirements and how to install XenServer.
    • To emulate shared storage on XenServer you can use the free OpenFiler appliance for XenServer.
    • You can emulate a NFS or iSCSI NAS/SAN with the OpenFiler virtual appliance


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