Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services Quick Start Deployment

With Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services Microsoft has added the possibility to do a Quick Start Deployment on one server.


This deployment is ideal for a Proof of Concept, test environment or quick deployment for a small environment that will need only one Shared Hosted Desktop (RDSH) RDS Server.


Roles deployed on one server:


– RD Connection Broker


– RD Web Access


– RD Session Host


The only essential role that is not installed is the RD license server, you will need to deploy this role manually.


The Quick Start Deployment also configures an example set of RemoteApp applications (Paint, Calculator, Wordpad)


The following guide will explain how to setup the Quick Start Deployment:



In the Server Manager click on ‘ Add Roles and Features’




Click on ‘Next’


Select ‘ Remote Desktop Services Installation’




Select ‘Quick Start’ for the Quick Start deployment.




Select ‘Session-based desktop deployment’




Select the (local) Server you want to deploy to




Select ‘ Restart the destination server automatically if required’ and then click on ‘Deploy’


The roles will now be installed in the selected server.




The Server will reboot during the deployment. The setup will continue after the server has been restarted.


rds7 na reboot


Al roles have now been installed successfully, click ‘Close’ to continue




In the Server Manager you can now see the Remote Desktop Services role listed on the left. Select the role to see an overview of the RDS deployment. The RD licensing role and RD Gateway roles have a ‘green plus’ because these roles have not been deployed by the Quick Start Deployment.




You will need to deploy the RD Licensing role if you plan to use this server for production or need more then two users to connect for a Proof of Concept or test. Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses (CALs) are required, CALs can be purchased on per user or per device basis.


The RD Gateway role is required for external connectivity. For more information on deploying the RD Gateway role see:


The Quick Start has already created a RemoteApp collection with Calculator, Paint and Wordpad.




You can remove or add application for environment.


When you connect to the RD Web Access server you will be able to see and select the published RemoteApp Applications.


Note: make sure that the client device you use to start the RemoteApp Applications can resolve the fqdn for the RDS Session host server. You will receive an error message if you can only reach the server on IP number of NetBIOS hostname.




The TechNet Remote Desktop Services forum can help you with questions or issues you might have with deployment


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